WiFi Access

BEISD has installed 3 Unifis to give Wifi access to 3 of our parking lots for parents & students to use for online class work.

Parking Lot Location:

  • To the side of the High School Gym

  • Behind the Intermediate

  • Between the Elementary and the High School

Before you connect to the BEISD wifi you will first need to download a ssl certificate from Securly the Internet Filter.

The directions for how to do this for each type of device are below. The ssl certificate you will need to download is at the bottom of the page you click on.

Click on the link that applies to your device:

This ssl certificate will not effect the way your device works when not on the BEISD wifi. This is just allow you to get on the internet through the BEISD internet filter.

Email Leah Price, Technology Director with questions, issues and the passcode for the WiFi.

Technology Department Staff